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Cindy RobertsOwner,

Steppin’ Out Dance Studio

Cindy Roberts is a professional dancer and the owner of Steppin’ Out Dance Studio, located in Riverside, Calif.  Cindy’s lifelong passion for dance began when she was eight years old, at the encouragement of a teacher who saw her natural ability.  She began studying ballet and jazz, with the San Francisco Ballet, The Carmel Academy of Dance and the California Riverside Ballet and her performing career culminated with a position with the traveling California Riverside Ballet company. 

Cindy’s love of dance is matched only by her enthusiasm for teaching.  She became a ballet instructor at just 13, and eventually parlayed her talents for teaching and dance into a dream come true when she started her Southern California studio in 1993.  As proprietor of this successful business, Cindy is able to share her joy of dance, which she describes as “great fun, great exercise, and a wonderful melding of mind and muscle,” with a wide variety of people.

At Steppin’ Out, Cindy teaches all partner dances, including formal ballroom (Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Rhumba and Cha Cha), swing, salsa and country.  Her warmth and enthusiasm, combined with her technical expertise, make her a gifted instructor for dancers of all levels, from the beginning novice to the accomplished pre-professional.  When asked to name her favorite dance, Cindy is hard-pressed to choose just one.  She admires the form and structure of traditional ballroom dances, but loves the creativity and energy of swing and salsa.

Though retired from her stage career as a ballerina, Cindy is active and successful in the world of competitive dance, performing both “lead” and “follower” roles in Pro-Am competitions, usually partnering with one of her students.  Recently, Cindy was honored to win both the “lead” and “follower” awards at a major competition – something quite rare, especially for a female instructor!

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